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Total Leadership Concept® is an independent advisory house based in Bucharest, Romania. Our way of operating is guided not only on sound internal business principles and uncompromising customer service but also on creating value added more broadly to the society.

Total Leadership Concept is a new paradigm for 21st century leaders. As global competition heats up, change accelerates to full speed and customer demands continous growth, the need for effective leaders is reaching almost atomic levels.

Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members. No matter how one defines leadership, it typically involves an element of vision. A vision provides direction to the influence process. A leader (or group of leaders) can have one or more visions of the future to aid them to move a group successfully towards this goal.

We can find 12 distinctions between Leaders and Managers:
Managers administer, leaders innovate
Managers ask how and when, leaders ask what and why
Managers focus on systems, leaders focus on people
Managers do things right, leaders do the right things
Managers maintain, leaders develop
Managers rely on control, leaders inspire trust
Managers have a short-term perspective, leaders have a longer-term perspective
Managers accept the status-quo, leaders challenge the status-quo
Managers have an eye on the bottom line, leaders have an eye on the horizon
Managers imitate, leaders originate
Managers emulate the classic good soldier, leaders are their own person
Managers copy, leaders show originality

Our Core Competence is in finding and creating long term value for our clients. The main business unit concentrates on specialized development of leaders and organizations to their full potential.

We have a proven system that makes a measurable impact on the performance and the profitability of the company.

Also, our company team has experience in financing, investment and evaluating projects from early 90's. We have established close contacts to all domestic financiers. We have an extensive network of technology specialists and sufficient domestic and international collaboration relationships for successful completion of even most demanding customer projects.

Our main customers are listed and non-listed companies, their financiers and strategic partners, venture capital and institutional funds as well as public sector organizations.

Our Corporate Values are:

Trust and Respect - Long term customer relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. We value absolute confidentiality and base our analyses on objective tools and on our customers views.

Commitment - We fully commit ourselves to every project. It is our utmost principle to take all projects into successful execution.

Continuous Learning and Expertise - An important part of our activities is continuous learning. We want to find and develop the best and most valuable solutions to our customer needs. Quality of work and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of our activities.

Our Group Mission
- To increase our customers competitive edge
- Create superior services that substitute foreign offerings for European organizations
- Increase the level of European know-how and talent base

Our Vision is
To be relevant, first class expert service provider in our chosen market segments.




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